Why should

feeling confident

in your product, app or website be more difficult than using Netflix or Spotify?

Well, it shouldn't

Design services on-demand. Flat montly fee. Unlimited requests. Cancel anytime. Results within 48-72 hours from order.

"Before Sami joined, the design work was expensive and significantly slower. With Sami’s help, Groke’s design process became twice as fast and half as costly."

Juha Rokka

CEO, Groke Technologies

"The development team greatly benefited from Sami in planning the implementation, and based on the teams' feedback, Sami iterated the designs as needed. Over the year, the appearance of the products evolved in a more professional direction, making them pleasant to use."

Teemu Ekola

Head of Business, Tietoevry Care (Data & AI)

Always available

On demand design

Design services with just a few clicks. No lengthy hiring process. No screening for candidates. No expensive consultants.

100% satisfaction

Unlimited requests

Make as many requests or have as many revisions as you like. No limit.

Ultra flexible

Cancel anytime

Cancel the service subscription at any time. No notice required.

Easy budgeting

Flat monthly fee

Make budgeting easier with a flat monthly fee. No hour reporting. No hidden costs. VAT may apply.


We can help you with these:

User Experience
Digital Design
Customer Research
User Testing
Webflow Sites
Website Design
Application Design
Product Design
Design Systems


This is how we get things done.

Note: these are our default tools. We use a myriad of others, too.

Plans & pricing

No pointless meetings. Just the ones you need.


Remote Standard

4 450€


VAT excluded, may apply

  • Easy credit card payments
  • Cancel anytime
  • Monthly call
  • Slack support
  • Unlimited requests
  • 48 – 72 hour delivery
  • Collaboration showcasing

Plan details

Remote Plus

5 900€


VAT excluded, may apply

  • Everything in Remote Standard PLUS
  • Weekly 1-hour live session
  • Help with work tasking
  • Strategy support
  • No collaboration showcasing

Plan details

Compare with freelance

15 000€


VAT excluded, may apply

Term duration

Adjust duration to see effect on price

Not convinced?

No problem. Book a short 15 minute call with us to learn more:


🚫 Hire a fulltime designer:

Over 30% more expensive

Hiring is costly and slow. Plus, letting people go sucks. Letting people go is also much slower and difficult than pausing your subscription until you need more design capacity again. Hiring a fulltime senior designer can cost over 70 000 €/year.

👎 Use an agency or a freelancer:

Over 2× more expensive

Agencies command a high price. They will need time to ramp up. You need to spend time and effort drafting contracts. Fulltime consultants and good freelancers can easily cost over 120 000 - 150 000 €/year.

⌛️ Fiverrr etc.:

Time wasted on screening

Fiverrr might get you cheaper. But those platforms come with the same issues of finding, screening and hiring the right talent. With our service, you get guaranteed world-class design without the wait.

How does it work, really?

Simple as 1–2–3–4

1 ✔︎


  • Subscribe with easy credit card payment
  • You'll receive a link to a Trello board for creating requests within 15 minutes

2 💬

Create a request

Easily create and prioritize requests and follow their progress. Your requests will be delivered one by one.

3 📦

Review delivery

Review the results. We keep working on the request until you are happy with the result.

4 ✨


When the delivery meets your needs either continue using our service by creating more requests or pause the subscription.

Is this the right solution for me?

Spoiler: yes it is.

Fluctuating need 🌊🌊🌊

Startups etc.

The need for design work is fluctuating: sometimes you need more, sometimes less. Adapt to that fluctuation without paying for any busywork or waiting for the right candidate.

Get results fast ⚡️

Keep the momentum

The momentum is now, next week is already too late. Remember that workshop that got everyone so fired up about the new thing? And now you are seeing the exitement wither as time passes…

Fewer new features 💎

Mature products

When the product development reaches a more mature state, a fulltime designer may not be needed anymore. Forget about paying for idle time and pay only for something that truly delivers.

Scale up, scale down 🎢

Design as you need

When you need more, just upgrade to the next tier. When you need less, gear down to the lower tier. Need fulltime? No problem! Don't need design for a while? Just cancel and you're golden.

Questions & answers

Still need help with deciding?

How does the async design process work?

It’s very simple! After your subscription, you automatically receive access to your own, private task board on Trello and private channel on Slack with the email address you provided in the subscription. You begin by creating requests as tasks in Trello which we will then deliver one-by-one, from top to bottom. You get your first request delivery within 2-3 working days.

Are the requests really unlimited?

Yes! You can make as many requests you like and we work on them one by one during the duration of your subscription. We will start working on the next request as soon as you accept the delivery for the the current request.

Do I really get delivery after 2-3 working days?

In most cases, yes. Of course, with more complex requests the delivery time might be a bit longer and, on the other hand, some simpler requests you might even get within 24 hours. If your request is a complex one, we will let you know with an estimate of the delivery time.

How does the canceling work?

Pretty straightforward: just log into the Customer Portal and there you have different options to manage your subscription, like canceling the subscription. If you cancel the subscription, the subscription remains active until the term you have paid for, so you can continue making requests until the end of your term.

What tools do you use?

We primarily use Figma as the tool for digital design, Trello for task management, Slack for communication and Webflow for implementing sites. We can also use other digital design tools such as Framer, Penpot or Adobe Creative Cloud toolset. We are also proficient with Miro, JIRA, GitLab, GitHub and Unity to name a few.

Can you use a tool of my choice?

Yes. Note, however, that if your tool of choice needs access granted by you or license not covered by our default tools you will be responsible for granting access and covering the costs of those tools. Using your tool of choice might affect the quality and speed of our service.

Is this an AI service?

Nope! :) A real human will take care of your designerly needs. Currently, AI has such huge issues and dire implications (both legal and ethical) with copyright infringements that none of our delivered work will include any direct AI output. As much as AI has progressed, it really doesn’t replace a real designer. We will keep a close eye on the situation, though, and adapt as things progress.

Who I'm working with?

Hi there. 👋 The exact person will be determined when you subscribe. Either way, you'll be working with an experienced senior designer from our service network. You can see more about Bumblebee's own and partnering designers on our Team page.

What kind of work you don’t do?

We focus primarily on UX work: digital product design and related activities such as customer research, user studies and usability assessment. Through us you can also get high quality animation, brand and print design services.

We don’t do extensive 3D modeling, complex e-commerce implementation services or complex Wordpress development services. We also don't work on gambling or adult entertainment.

Can you implement my website/app?

Short answer: No, with the exclusion of Webflow and Framer sites or simple Wordpress sites or simple static sites or even simple mobile apps.

Longer answer: At this point, the service is not intended for extensive implementation services. We focus primarily on UX work: digital product design and related activities such as customer research, user studies and usability assesment.

We don’t do extensive 3D modeling, complex e-commerce implementation services or complex Wordpress development services.

If you are not sure about the complexity of your site or app, please contact us!

Are there refunds?

You are eligible for a refund during the first 30 days of your subscription If you haven’t made any requests. Note that a handling fee might apply. Other kind of refund requests are assessed case-by-case.

What if I’m not happy with the delivery?

Don’t worry, just let us know and we keep working on it until you are happy. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Can I use my own NDA agreement?

Of course! You can ask us to sign your own NDA contract either by contacting us before subscribing or by sending your NDA to us after subscribing to our service. Our Confidentiality clause included in the Terms of Service is very customer-friendly, though. :)

Who owns the work results?

You do. All work delivered will be owned by you with the exception of our refund policy. If you want a refund, you will be prohibited from using any of the work delivered from the refund period.

Why I didn't get my Trello link?

After you subscribe you should (almost) immediately receive the link to your Trello board to the email you provided. Sometimes it might take a while for the payment to get through. If you have been charged and didn't receive the Trello link, please contact us at hello@bumblebee.fi. Remember to provide us with the email address you subscribed.

Can you run live workshops for us?

Absolutely, but not as a part of the subscription service. We can run a variety of workshops for strategic brainstorming, vision and goal setting, feature prioritization, decision making, Lean Service Creation and Design Sprints. Contact us to schedule a workshop.

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