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Sami Surakka

Co-Founder, Bumblebee

Sami is a senior designer with over a decade of experience in UX design.

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+358 50 433 7843


Anna-Lydia Surakka

Co-Founder and CEO, Bumblebee

Anna is the CEO of Bumblebee. She runs the company with Sami.

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Väinö the Office Dog

Director of Cuddles, Bumblebee

Väinö takes care of regular breaks and other matters regarding well being at Bumblebee with over two years of experience.

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Nari Design

Partnering Design Agency

Iina is a creative designer and digital marketing specialist, focusing on brand design and creative outcomes that elevate company identities. Her expertise ranges from websites and social media campaigns to brand guidelines and printables, creating an impactful brand presence.

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Iina Timonen

+358 44 2522 867

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Partnering Motion Design Agency

Antti is a motion designer helping companies to stand out with memorable animations. With a background in London agencies and years of freelancing, Antti brings products, ads and brand pieces to life.

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Antti Palosaari

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Tomi Leivo

Partnering UX Writer & Content Designer

Tomi is an experienced content creator for all kinds of B2B or B2C digital products and services. From marketing content to product UI copy, Tomi designs and creates engaging, converting and helpful text that helps both businesses as well as users reach their goals.

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Tomi Leivo

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Our philosophy

From humble beginnings to blooming value. Good for customers. Good for partners

Business built differently

We believe that businesses can be built differently. Rather than relying on a monolithic structure, we organize in independent cells and make up an ecosystem of businesses that can serve customers and scale based on what is needed.

Be like a bumblebee

We believe that outstanding results come from hive mind like collaboration and by appreciating everyone's contribution.

Adopting a humble stance towards what we know and what we don't know allows us to explore solutions with a fresh perspective.

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