Plans & pricing

All of our plans are subject to our Terms of Service. Please read them carefully before subscribing. We currently accept orders only from registered and active businesses. That is, entities that have a VAT ID. The service language is English or Finnish.

Before you subscribe

The Account will be created for the email address you provide during checkout. Please make sure that the email address belongs to a person who will be present during the subscription term. They will be the default person responsible for communications.

Inviting your team

After you have subscribed, you can invite your team along! You can do it yourself on your Trello board and Slack channel, or you can ask us invite your team. You receive access to your Trello board right after your payment checks through. You'll receive the invitation to join your Slack channel shortly after.

Level up or gear down your subscription

After subscribing, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan through our customer portal.


Remote Standard

4 450€


VAT excluded, may apply

  • Easy credit card payments
  • Cancel anytime
  • Monthly call
  • Slack support
  • Unlimited requests
  • 48 – 72 hour delivery
  • Collaboration showcasing

Remote Standard

The recommended plan for you to get started.

How does it work?

In short:

  1. Subscribe with your credit card
  2. Make your request
  3. Review your delivery
  4. Have another request and delivery. And another. And so on.

Cancel anytime?

Yes! Cancel whenever you feel like you don't need the service anymore, and re-subscribe when you need it again. Your Trello board stays with us even if your subscription is canceled and will open if you re-subscribe with the same information. When you cancel the subscription, your account will remain active until the end of the subscription term – you can continue using the service until the term ends.

Monthly call?

A status call once a month. The efficiency of the whole process comes from eliminating any busywork. The process is run asynchronously with Trello, Slack and Figma by default. Of course, sometimes you need more meetings – for that, we have the Remote Plus plan. Note: monthly call does not mean no other communication – you do get full support through Slack.

Slack support?

You get our full support through Slack. We answer any questions and help you getting started if you need any help.

Unlimited requests?

Yes! You can as many requests on Trello as you like, and we will work them one-by-one, from top to bottom.

48 - 72 hour delivery?

Yes. We aim to deliver submissions to your requests within 2 – 3 working days. Of course, complex requests may take longer and simple requests may be submitted earlier.

Collaboration showcasing?

We may choose to showcase the highlights of our collaboration on our website or on our partners' websites. Confidential information will not be disclosed.

Remote Plus

5 900€


VAT excluded, may apply

  • Everything in Remote Standard
  • Weekly 1-hour live session
  • Help with work tasking
  • Strategy support
  • No collaboration showcasing

Remote Plus

The recommended plan when you need some meetings or help with strategy or the work tasking on Trello. This plan includes everything from Remote Standard with additional benefits.

How does it work?

In short:

  1. Subscribe with your credit card
  2. Make your request
  3. Review your delivery
  4. Have another request and delivery. And another. And so on.

Weekly 1-hour live session?

After you subscribe and receive access to your board on Trello and private channel on Slack, we'll contact you to setup the weekly live session. The scheduled session slot will stay the same for the duration of your active subscription. The content of the weekly live session can be for example status updates, decision making workshop or prioritization of work items.

Strategy support?

Totally. Design is a strategic asset by nature. We are professionals in aligning business goals with design decisions. If you need help with strategy, this is the plan for you.

Help with work tasking?

We are there for you should you need help with getting started with Trello, Slack or the whole digital design thing.

No collaboration showcasing?

Nope. We will keep very bit of work delivered in stealth mode.

Freelance model

15 000€


VAT excluded, may apply

Term duration

Adjust duration to see effect on price

Freelance models

We offer the traditional freelancing model if the subscription does not meet your needs.

We work remotely by default. If you need us on your site, contact us before placing an order.

There are three payment intervals from which you can choose.

  • 1 month interval: 15 000 € / month
  • 3 month interval: 42 750 € / 3 months
  • 6 month interval: 81 000 € / 6 months.

Note: Availability may vary.

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